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STPI department administration


The department

comprises all staff and students enrolled for the current academic year.
It is governed by a Department Council and run by a director who is accountable to the Council.


The director’s role

is to ensure that the department fulfils its teaching mission according to the decisions of the Council.

  • He chairs the Department Council..

  • He manages the budget and premises allocated by the Board of Governors
  • Each year, he must present a report of his activities and a financial statement to the Council


The Department Council

It determines how the department implements the policies of the Board of Governors in such fields as education and générale international cooperation.

 Missions :

  • It votes the budget and approves accounts of the department.
  • It draws up the rules and regulations
  • It approves intra-muros links
  • It assists chair in implementing teaching programmes and allocating tasks.


The members of the department council meet at least once quaterly. They are invited to attend by the chairman. There may be also exceptional meetings if at least half the members agree on a specific order of the day a long time in advance.

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